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Posted: May 29, 2020


Beautiful Vermont Custom Kitchen in Farm House

In our last two posts we saw how Superior Woodcraft Delivers Beauty and how Superior Woodcraft Delivers Utility.  In our final post on this lovely Vermont custom kitchen Superior Delivers Harmony.  The path to achieving harmony is the successful melding of the elements – beauty and utility.  When this is achieved a higher level of harmony can be achieved.

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Wm Morris

Having rooms in your home that you believe to be beautiful can bring joy and pleasure into your life each day.  However, if this space is not functional or lacks utility then the  perceived beauty of the room quickly fades and turns into frustration and daily disdain.  It becomes a space that you would rather  avoid as it brings neither joy nor improves your daily life.

Meaningful Utility Amplifies Beauty

Superior Woodcraft

Maximizing Utility

A well functioning room with ample utility will increase the beauty and pleasure of living in that space every day.   Every day tasks are made easier and can be performed well resulting in an improved outcome.  All of which allows the beauty of the room to be enjoyed more easily and appreciated by the user.  This positive productive energy is transferred into the work that is accomplish in this space and unto other members of the household.  This magnifies the positive feelings generated from the space and is reinforced by other inhabitants to create a feeling of harmony among both our environment and our family members and close friends.  Successfully blending beauty and  utility creates harmony.  This allow us to live a higher level of living with a more enriched and fulfilled life each day.

Harmony Achieved

In our beautiful Vermont kitchen we saw how beauty of the space compliments the natural settings of the Green Mountains and the character of the old farm house.  This custom kitchen was packed with utility, but not overdone to become a hindrance and degradation of the space.  The increased utility for this owner amplified the simple beauty of the custom cabinetry and design.  The achievement of this of this project is best describe by the owner , Debralyn Stempel, “Being able to organize the kitchen and having everything in its place makes cooking much easier. There is no more rummaging around trying to figure out where is that thing that I need.  My new kitchen organization has made food preparation in these stressful times a much more enjoyable experience.” Harmony achieved.

A special thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Stempel for commissioning Superior Woodcraft to design and handcraft a beautiful and useful custom kitchen.  We wish you and your family and friends many years of enjoyment with your Superior Woodcraft Custom Cabinetry.

Superior Woodcraft Delivers Harmony

Superior Woodcraft Clients Enjoying Their Custom Kitchen

Superior Woodcraft Delivers Harmony

Contact Superior Woodcraft to allow our team of artisans to bring beauty, utility and harmony into your  home and your family’s lives.  Superior Woodcraft handcrafts custom cabinetry in Doylestown, Bucks County, Pa.  Superior Woodcraft’s facility includes its design and work studios as well as a showroom.  Our showroom is open to the public and you can tour our working studios by appointment.



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