Superior Woodcraft is founded in the old-world, European tradition of quality craftsmanship and precision detail, coupled with the contemporary skills and technology of the modern cabinetmaking industry. Our cabinetry is the successful integration of natural resources, inspired design and artisanal craftsmanship. Cabinetmakers and finishers patiently reveal the natural beauty waiting to be discovered in each piece of wood.

While functional products are in constant demand, aesthetics and the natural beauty of wood are not compromised or ignored. Superior Woodcraft’s long term success is attributed to a rare ability to successfully meld form, function and beauty. Utility and beauty are so deeply intertwined that it is difficult to speak of them separately.

Superior materials: Superior Woodcraft categorically rejects the use of mediocre materials. We use only hand-picked, premium, furniture-grade wood. A wide selection of distinctive veneers and variegated species are available to ensure that each project is truly unique. Dovetailed drawer boxes and frames are exclusively constructed of solid wood. Superior benchmarks industry best practices for our construction standards and employs the highest-quality hardware, accessories and premium components available.

Traditional joinery techniques are carefully integrated into each cabinet, from the delicate dovetailing, to a flawless mortise and tenon and the reliable dado joint.

Traditional framed cabinetry, including inset frame and beaded inset frame cabinets, are the finest example of artisanal, American cabinetmaking. This type of construction demands the highest degree of precision for a finished product of unmatched quality and detail. Framed cabinetry is well suited for formal or traditional interiors, historic renovations and reproductions.

European style cabinetry, also commonly referred to as frameless or frameless full-overlay construction, is a cleaner, simpler style of construction. European-style cabinets can be suited for a variety of styles, whether traditional, contemporary, transitional or eclectic in nature.

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