The Story of Our Founder, Karl Geiger

Karls-Geiger…as told by Michelle Geiger Kennedy, President of Superior Woodcraft:

Karl Geiger My father, Karl Geiger, grew up in war-torn Europe. In search of a better life, he immigrated to the United States with the help of a sponsoring family from Lancaster County, PA. Karl worked on the family’s farm to repay his debt to them for helping him start a new life in America. Like most immigrants, he had to learn a new language and new customs to assimilate into a different culture. But this was America – the place where, with enough initiative and hard work, all of this was possible. He embraced all that America had to offer and quickly began to pursue his own American dream.

Karl Geiger while serving in the Unites States Army, Karl was stationed in Europe where he met his future wife and my mother, Sabine. Karl returned to the States with Sabine, where they married and Karl began working as a cabinetmaker. My parents raised three children: Christian, Charlotte and me. While growing up, we frequently visited Dad’s sponsoring family in Lancaster. I always knew this family was special to my father and his dreams.

KarlinuniformMy father had several passions in life. He was a dedicated husband and father who worked tirelessly to create a better life and future for his family. Woodworking and cabinetmaking were his art and a natural livelihood, having learned the trade as a young man in Europe. Classical music, singing and fine cooking were his inspiration. He was an avid sports fan, particularly of soccer and ice hockey. My father was fortunate in that he enjoyed what he did and did what he enjoyed and I am grateful to share his appreciation for many of the same things.

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