At Superior Woodcraft, we strive to be responsible citizens, exemplary environmental stewards, ethical business people and friendly neighbors.

We support the communities where we do business, communicate openly with the public and hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct and environmental responsibility.

Everyone at Superior Woodcraft participates in a number safety and professional education programs. Superior Woodcraft developed the Superior Academy of Cabinetry so that our craftsmen could further their education and career. Doctors and other professionals routinely visit Superior Woodcraft to present relevant topics about health and well-being to benefit our employees and their families.

Tree Planting

tree_02Superior Woodcraft is privileged to use the natural resources provided by our forests. Because we benefit from their use, we must be active stewards. When properly managed and cared for, these forests provide a renewable and sustainable resource that restores bountiful habitat for wildlife and improved air and water quality.
Forest in Late AutumnOur stewardship of natural forests is multifaceted: first, we strive to use these resources wisely. Many of the trees harvested to create Superior Woodcraft cabinetry took 75 years or longer to mature. Considering this fact, we feel that it is only fitting that our cabinetry provides long lasting beauty and utility. Next, we strive to purchase woods from companies that have sound environmental practices. Lastly, we firmly believe we have been given a special opportunity to use natural wood to add beauty, utility and harmony to our clients’ homes and lives. It is our obligation to nature and future generations that we replace the trees which were harvested for our use.

Safety First

Superior Woodcraft operates under three principals: Safety, Quality & Productivity. Maintaining a safe work environment requires everyone’s participation. New programs to improve our safety standards are constantly being developed and implemented. Our efforts have been recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry with the Governor’s Semi-Finalist Award and have provided opportunities to celebrate our success by reaching safety milestones.

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