Basic Cabinet Care

Your cabinetry is truly fine furniture and should be treated as such to maximize its service and beauty for many years. You can protect your investment with the following care guidelines. Please be sure to provide a copy of these guidelines for any cleaning staff or service that may clean or maintain your cabinetry.

Regular Maintenance

  • The simplest solution is always the best. Clean spills immediately with a clean soft cloth slightly dampened with clean water. Thoroughly dry the surface with a clean dry soft cloth. Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your cabinets looking their best every day.

Heavy Cleaning

  • Not all soils respond to plain water. If necessary, a dilution of mild soap and water applied with a clean damp soft cloth can be used to remove oil, grease-based marks and other more difficult smudges. Use another clean damp soft cloth to thoroughly wipe away soap residue and dry completely with a clean dry soft cloth.

Five Things you should never do to your Cabinetry:

  1. Never use products containing any harsh detergents, solvents, abrasives, polishing compounds, degreasers or aerosol silicone or wax. Never allow caustic cleansers such as oven cleaner to come into contact with your cabinets. These products have a harmful, deteriorating effect on any finish. When in doubt of a particular cleaning product, always check with its manufacturer first.
  2. Dampness from dishwashers, coffee makers, sinks and cooking areas can damage your finish if perpetually exposed to moisture. Always dry the cabinet surface. Excessive exposure to moisture may even damage the cabinet itself. Avoid leaving damp towels or sponges on cabinet surfaces.
  3. Food stains, if left untreated, can compromise the finish. Clean spills as they occur.
  4. Dirty sponges and rags may contain soap, grease and other residues that could damage your finish. Use only clean soft cloths on your cabinetry.
  5. Excessive rubbing may leave a shine on the cabinet surface. Always wipe gently and avoid buffing the finish.

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