Culture and Philosophy

Superior Woodcraft’s values are demonstrated by the actions of our cabinetmakers and the integrity of our cabinetry. The natural beauty of the wood shows that it has been patiently cared for by the artisan who released its unique character. Attention to detail is self-evident as each piece reveals the identity of the craftsmen who created it. When all of these elements are joined successfully, a sense of connectivity between nature, the craftsman and all who had a part of creating this special cabinetry is generated.

Custom cabinetry requires a higher degree of skill and versatility than mass production. This understanding led to a distinct culture within the company that promotes the skill, creativity and talent of each employee while creating an opportunity to pursue a better life. Many craftsmen at Superior Woodcraft have over 20 years of experience in the woodworking industry. Superior Woodcraft cultivates this knowledge through an apprenticeship program with the primary purpose of fostering the education of future craftsmen. The objective is to teach young craftsmen the art and skill of fine cabinetmaking and to instill in them a passion for the craft of woodworking.

When you are true to your work, your word and your friend, you are true to yourself and will take pride in work well done. This belief embodied our founder’s personal sense of integrity, honor and the standard he established for his family and his business. As a master craftsman, he innately understood that a person who took pride in his craft would invariably create quality products. Our philosophy today is that our success is built upon the recognition of the skills and efforts of our craftsmen; therefore everyone is treated with dignity and respect and encouraged to work to the best of their abilities.

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