The Family Business

In 1967, when I was just three months old, my father opened Superior Woodcraft. Over the years, the company grew from one man working out of his toolbox to a company that provides a living for over 45 local families.

During the 1970’s, my father’s first shop was tragically claimed by fire. As a result, the business was moved to Doylestown, PA where we are still located today. Throughout the years we have learned to adapt and grow, but we have always stayed true to our core purpose: build beautiful cabinetry that will last.

As a self-taught businessman, Karl built Superior Woodcraft on that which he knew best – the skills and techniques of the finest traditions of European, artisanal cabinetmaking, precise detail and craftsmanship of the highest quality. As the company’s President, I make sure that Superior Woodcraft is the living legacy of its founder. My father’s work ethic, dedication to his craft and devotion to family and community are the foundation of Superior Woodcraft.

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