Get Outside and Play!

Posted: June 5, 2015

Guest Post by Kathryn Robbins of Kat Robbins Interiors

Having lived through the last two brutal winters, we are all eager to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Outdoor spaces can extend your living area considerably in the months between April and October.

Whether you are sprucing up existing patio or pool areas, or planning a major outdoor renovation, consider these notable and important factors:

Fire and Water

Outdoor space needs a focal point just like inside your home. Think about how you spend your time and what really brings you joy. For some, it is watching kids have a blast in the pool, for others, playing guitar or listening to music around a fire is contemplative and reviving. Do you entertain big groups and love to cook?

Create seating areas that will surround your focal point.


You may only need an old-fashioned Weber grill, or want to invest in some serious built-in appliances; either way, cooking is going to happen on your patio. Be sure to assess your real needs, your budget and how long you will be in your home. Luxury outdoor kitchens can add real value to your homes value, but overdo it and you risk losing much of your investment. It’s tempting to splurge on a massive grill, but be honest with yourself and choose accordingly.


The technology has come so far. There are options for TVs that remain outside year round, and disappear into a panel when not in use. Other models must be brought inside in colder months. Speakers for outdoor music have never been better – they are beautiful and functional, hidden among your plantings and in trees.

Make sure you contact a professional AV company for installation, not your regular electrician.


When setting up seating areas, take some time to remember past occasions at your home and how the inside and outside spaces are integrated. Making sure there are convenient paths to the powder room and food prep areas can make entertaining much more fun and protect your indoor spaces from wet kids and dripping bags of ice.

Now get outside and play!

This article was submitted by Kathryn Robbins of Kat Robbins Interiors

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