Superior Woodcraft Celebrates 48 Years!

Posted: June 1, 2015

This June, Superior Woodcraft celebrates 48 years of bringing beauty, utility, and harmony into our clients’ homes and lives. Superior Woodcraft accomplishes this goal by designing and handcrafting custom made cabinetry for the entire home.

While June 2015 marks an anniversary date for Superior Woodcraft, it is really a multifaceted celebration. When you are a Superior Woodcraft client you become part of the Superior Woodcraft Family. So, thank you for being a part of our family and giving us an occasion to celebrate 48 years of:

  • Having the privilege to be a trusted resource for our clients.
  • Servicing second-generation clients.  It is an honor to have our clients’ children commission Superior Woodcraft for custom cabinetry in their own homes.
  • Long standing professional relationships with many quality architects, builders, designers and other allied professionals – all of whom increase our knowledge and enrich our lives.
  • Having the privilege to work with many talented cabinetry designers and craftsmen. We give thanks to the many men and women who have been part of the Superior Woodcraft team over the past 48 years. These team members have contributed a great deal to the success of Superior Woodcraft. Every cabinet handcrafted by Superior Woodcraft’s artisans embodies a part of the designers and craftsmen that brought the vision to fruition.

Thanks to all of you for being part of the Superior Woodcraft family and for enriching our lives for the past 48 years. We couldn’t have reached this point without you. Thank you.

Superior Woodcraft Facts

  • Karl Geiger founded Superior Woodcraft, Inc in June 1967
    • Immigrated from Europe where he trained as a cabinetmaker
    • Served in the U.S. Army
    • Enjoyed classical music, fine food, singing, soccer, ice hockey
    • Devoted father and husband who pursued the American Dream of a better life for his family
  • Michelle Geiger Kennedy follows in her father’s footsteps and leads Superior Woodcraft today.
  • Currently, Superior Woodcraft has 36 team members on its staff
  • Of our 36 team members, an impressive 14 have more than 10 years service, 8 of which have 20 or more years of service.
  • Our top 3 longest term team members have a combined tenure of 78 years!
  • Superior Woodcraft’s cabinetry can be found in every time zone within the continental United States
  • Approximately 98% of our generated waste is recycled.
  • Approximately 95% of the wood utilized at Superior Woodcraft is harvested within 250 miles.
  • Superior Woodcraft has been a supporter of local businesses and the community. Involvement and Support has included:  Habitat For Humanity, Bucks Women’s Fund, Doylestown Hospital, Central Bucks YMCA, Locavore~Buy Local, The Mann Center for Performing Arts, The Michener Museum, The Mercer Museum, The Hardwood Forestry Foundation and many other community groups.
  • Superior Woodcraft is proud to be a local family-owned company that plays a small part in supporting our local economy and community.

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