June is Bee Month

Posted: June 8, 2015

Over the past several months we have heard a lot of buzz about the plight of the honey bee. This is a real concern, and the loss of bees has serious implications on our food supply. And it’s not just fruits and vegetables, but meat and dairy products as well. To learn more, please read this informative article by Susan Vorwek of the Doylestown Food Co-Op.

In recognition of the importance of the plight of honey bees, the Doylestown Food Co-op has designated June as “Bee Month – In the Land of Milk and Honey”. As such, the Co-op has MANY ways to learn more about bees, beekeeping and honey.

Tuesday, June 9th, the Doylestown Food Co-op Book Club will be discussing “The Bees” by Lalline Paul at the
Doylestown Book Shop. Click here for more info about the book club.

Thursday, June 11th, the Co-op is sponsoring The Farm Fresh Film Series presentation of “Queen of the Sun” at the County Theater. Click here for more info about the Farm Fresh Film Series presentation.

Saturday, June 13th, Bucks County Apiaries (Featured Eco-Partner) will be in-store sampling his local honey. Click here for more info about this in-store visit.

To learn more about the Doylestown Food Co-op please visit:  www.Doylestown.coop. Also be sure to visit, like and share the social media sites – FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Meetup.

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