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Posted: September 17, 2022

Hello Everyone,

We hope that you had an enjoyed your summers filled with sun, fun, family and friends.  During the summer months probably noticed that we haven’t been posting for some time and are wondering how team Superior has been spending their summer.  Well, we have been extremely busy servicing our clients, designing new projects, our cabinetmakers and finishers have been handcrafting beautiful cabinetry and installing many projects.  Our recent travels have taken us to many locations on the east coast – from  Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania to Florida.  As you can see this busy schedule hasn’t allowed us a lot of time to post and we are sorry that we disappointed many followers by not posting more often.  Well, stayed tuned as we are about to catch up with our activity.  Look for some upcoming posts as we will be sharing designs of upcoming projects, some photo from the field and completed projects.  Today we have included some photos from our custom cabinet shop.  Today we will share some projects that are not as common and demonstrate the skills and diverse talents of our team.

Reclaimed Beams Become Family Heirloom

The first project was an honor to build.  A long time family client asked us to mill some barn beams taken from their family farm and handcraft a dining room table.  This special table was created for family events and celebrations with multiple generations gathering around a piece of family history.  It is so rewarding to be able to provide a family with a piece of furniture that spans generations and to give new life to wood that first harvested well over 120 years ago.  When working on such a project you feel a certain connection to the timbermen who harvested the tree, milled it into a beam and placed it into service over a century ago. You reflect upon the barn and the families it served for many generations. And, you get to witness the joy it brings to its current custodians.  This is just one of the rewarding experiences our team gets to enjoy every day.

Superior Woodcraft Inc

Red Oak Farm House Table Being Handcraft From Reclaimed Barn Beams

Contemporary Furniture – Lines that Move Us

Modern Furniture

Carved White Credenza by Superior Woodcraft

The second project is very different from the farm table.  The white carved credenza with a high gloss top takes a leap forward a few hundred years.  This unique piece with deeply carved designs provides a very interesting appearance.  From afar the finish appears to be a design in two colors, but upon closer inspection you noticed the surface is carved and the peaks and valleys create shadows.  A piece of this nature is very interesting as the appearance will change with different lighting and when viewed from different angles.  Contrasting this piece against the farm table handcrafted from reclaimed barn beams is a true testament to the talents of Superior’s artisans.

Our third and final project today is highlighting a very elegant work with a high gloss finished coat on walnut, high gloss metal that is a fine mesh screen with a diamond lattice used as the center insert on the doors.  As you can see from these examples Superior Woodcraft is a true custom cabinetmaker who is able to handcraft custom cabinetry to meet your unique needs and desires.

Glamour and Shine

custom cabinet shop

Walnut with High Gloss Finish and Metal Panel Inserts

We hope that you enjoyed catching up from the busy summer and welcome to fall.  We hope you and your families are ready for an enjoyable fall, full of all of the great activities and getting ready to learn more about  what Team Superior has been up to lately.

Contact Superior Woodcraft to bring beauty, utility and harmony into your home and family’s lives.  Located in historic Doylestown, Pa 18901  215-348-9942


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