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Posted: November 10, 2016

Superior Woodcraft’s top kitchen projects are generating a lot of traffic on Houzz.  The following three projects have been saved to over 60,000 idea books.  These are just a few of the great projects that Superior Woodcraft is showing on Houzz.  View Superior Woodcraft’s projects on Houzz to find  and save your favorite Superior Woodcraft kitchens.


This Superior Woodcraft project was so successful that it graces the cover of Dream Kitchens and Baths – Best of the Best-30 Timeless Looks, Spring 2011 and Summer 2013.  Heading into 2017 this project is standing the test of time; a true mark of outstanding form and function.  Check out Superior Woodcraft’s Cheerful Formality on Houzz and see for yourself why this kitchen has appeared in Dream Kitchens and Baths and has been named  – Best of the Best 30 Timeless Looks


Great looking floating shelves and lighting design in this amazing New York City flat.  The combined talents of Threshold Interior of New York City and Superior Woodcraft created a stunning interior design for this top kitchen in the Tribeca flat. Check out Superior Woodcraft’s NYC Gem on Houzz



Here we have a great looking kosher kitchen island that is loaded with utility, which is one reason this is a top kitchen.  The double dishwashers in the island are stationed opposite the cabinetry where the dishes are stored.  Unload the dishwasher, pivot and store dishes in the cabinetry. The ease and convenience designed into this kosher kitchen makes daily chores easier and faster.  Check out Superior Woodcraft’s  Kosher Kitchen on Houzz


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