Superior Woodcraft Views In The Shop

Posted: December 13, 2017

Superior Woodcraft Views In The Shop

Just a quick glimpse of current projects happening in Superior Woodcraft’s custom cabinetry shop in Doylestown, Pa.

Yes folks, what you see below is custom-made cabinetry being built in our shop.  When finished these large cabinets will become part of a gentleman’s walk-in closet. As you can tell there are a number of cabinets for this custom closet; we just couldn’t get all of them into the same picture frame.  Very shortly these cabinets will be gracing a home in Florida.

Asian Inspired Custom Cabinetry

We move over to our shipping area and find some interesting cabinetry.  Minimal cabinetry with clean lines utilizes wood handles that really bring this Asian inspired piece to life.  These beautiful custom-made cabinets will become part of a residential library in Princeton, New Jersey.


Keep In Touch With Superior Woodcraft

Be sure to check in with us from time to time to check out interesting projects in Superior Woodcraft’s custom cabinetry shop.  The best ways to keep in touch with Superior Woodcraft is to follow:

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If you are searching great custom cabinetry for your home be sure to contact Superior Woodcraft.  Our great design team and talented artisans can bring your dreams to life.  Contact Us

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