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Posted: December 18, 2017

In this post we answer two questions about Superior Woodcraft and we share some photos of trips to recent job sites.  The first question is a frequent one. Does Superior Woodcraft work on projects outside of Doylestown?  The second question one that is a frequent question in 2017.  Why haven’t you been posting to your blog as often?  Let’s answer both questions and share some photos.

As many of you have noticed our blog posts have been lighter over the past several months.  We missed engaging with everyone and look forward to getting back to our normal blogging activity.  So why the decreased activity?  Well, Superior Woodcraft’s projects have taken us on the road during 2017.  We spent a considerable amount of time at Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  Lots of ferry rides to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.   A very beautiful part of country and great seafood.

New York City was also an active location for Superior Woodcraft during 2017.  There’s always something happening in NYC.  Moving a little further south Superior had an number of projects in Princeton, New Jersey and on the New Jersey coast.  We also spent time further south.  Superior Woodcraft has been involved in a number of jobs in Florida recently.  It looks like our travel activity for 2018 could be similar as we head to Virginia  today.   So, yes we do take on projects outside of Doylestown.

As you can see the amount of time spent on the road, riding ferries and getting oil changes in our vehicles cut into our time for posting to our blog.  We did have a little bit of time to snap a few scenic photos that we want to share.  In some upcoming posts we’ll share some Photos From The Field for some of our projects.  For now, we hope that you enjoy some of our scenic photos from 2017.  And, now you know the rest of the story.






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