Superior Woodcraft Joins Bucks County Economic Task Force

Posted: May 15, 2020

Superior Woodcraft Supports Local Businesses and Local Economy

Helping to support local businesses, our local economy and community is nothing new at Superior Woodcraft.   For decades Superior Woodcraft has supported various community organizations and local businesses in and surrounding Bucks County.  During this public health crisis concerning covid-19 and the ensuing economic crisis Superior Woodcraft has worked with other companies in cabinetmaking industry in Pennsylvania as well as other local businesses in Bucks County.  Although some companies might be competitors it is critical that all businesses work together to help our local economies and communities during these life defining times.  Right now, everyone has one set of common goals: to maintain our health and protect our economic livelihoods.  This one set of goals is something that can unite everyone . These goals should not be divisive.  Collectively, we can focus our energies to finding productive solutions to achieve this one set of common goals – protecting our health and protecting our economic livelihoods.

Bucks County Economic Task Force Members

In an effort to do our small part Superior Woodcraft is honored to be able to lend a helping hand to the local business community by participating in Bucks County Economic Task Force.   The Bucks County Economic Task Force is led by Commissioner Bob Harvie.  The task force is comprised of local business leaders, labor representatives, business organizations and representatives from local government.  Members include: Danielle Bodnar, of the Upper Bucks Chamber of CommerceVail Garvin, of the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce; Minesh Pathak, of the Lower Bucks Chamber of CommercePatrick Kennedy, vice president of Superior WoodcraftJon Mercer, of Stacks Small Business Services; Billie Barnes, of Bucks County Workforce Development Board; Tom Tosti, a Middletown Township Supervisor and chair of the AFL-CIO Central Labor CouncilPaul Bencivengo, of Visit Bucks CountySteve Wray, chair of the  Bucks County Transition sub-committee on Economic DevelopmentJeane Vidoni, President of Penn Community BankRichard Harvey, of the Bucks County Planning Commission and Agricultural Preservation Board; and Margaret McKevitt, the chief operating officer of Bucks County.

A Priveledge to Serve

It is a privilege for Superior Woodcraft to serve on this task force with Commissioner Harvie and the other community and business leaders. In the short period of time the task force has spent together in virtual meetings Superior Woodcraft has learned many lessons  from other task force members.  It has been rewarding to witness the consideration and respect of differing views and ultimately the effective collaboration that provides a superior outcome. It is an honor to serve with this distinguished group of local leaders.

Bucks County Economic Task Force Mission

The mission of the Bucks County Economic Task Force is to harness the knowledge, networks and creativity of task force members to guide Bucks County businesses, and the County government, to a successful transition out of the current pandemic-induced shutdown.  Accomplishing this mission will require the help and support from the entire Bucks County community.  By working together and focusing on the one set of common goals – protecting our health and protecting our economic livelihoods Bucks County can emerge from these two public crises as stronger, more vibrant, more resilient community.

Thanks – Buy Local – Buy Bucks

Superior Woodcraft thanks the entire Bucks County community and our numerous clients for their business and support for the past 53 years.  Superior Woodcraft’s great artisans and craftsmen are truly a Bucks County treasure that we are proud to call our Superior Woodcraft family.  Without these great groups of people we couldn’t have succeeded for over a half century.  We truly thank you and our goal is to continue to support and invest into the Bucks County Community as much as possible.   Buy Local – Buy Bucks.

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