Photos From the Field: Princeton, New Jersey

Posted: September 30, 2016

Photos From the Field – A recent trip takes Superior Woodcraft to Princeton, New Jersey to look in on a major remodeling project being completed in conjunction with Lasley Brahaney.  Superior Woodcraft and Lasley Brahaney have partnered together on many projects over the years.  It is wonderful to partner with the talented people at Lasley Brahaney and to bring beautiful projects to life for our mutual clients.

Our current project in Princeton, NJ is a beautiful white custom made cabinetry complemented with gray stone and stainless steel appliances.


The sliding  barn doors in the kitchen conceal an dog groom station in the adjacent room.  This clever design looks fantastic in this kitchen.  One would never know that behind the beautiful sliding door is a dog grooming room.  The custom made stainless steel countertop is the perfect complement to the appliances.


The bench seating in the kitchen alcove is a perfect place to relax, enjoy appetizers with a bottle of wine from the full sized wine cooler adjacent to the seating areas.  Enjoy your favorite wine while day dreaming or sitting with your spouse while the evening dinner is being prepared.


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