Custom Cabinetry from Superior Woodcraft’s Cabinetry Shop

Posted: September 20, 2016

A quick glance inside Superior’s cabinetry shop will tell you that this isn’t a place where cookie cutter cabinets are mass produced.  Here are some interesting photos of finished custom made cabinetry that is ready to ship from Superior Woodcraft’s custom cabinetry shop in Doylestown, PA.

This first image shows a variety of custom cabinetry handcrafted at Superior Woodcraft, including white gloss acrylic, 2 versions of walnut cabinetry and cherry with mottled stone drawer fronts.



Here is a closer look at the Cherry cabinetry with mottled stone doors and drawers that creates such an interesting unique look.




And finally, cherry cabinetry with sapele pommele center panels – local PA cherry is highlighted with exotic woods to create  truly custom cabinet that will be proudly grace the owner’s home.


As you can see from the variety of cabinetry in these snapshots Superior Woodcraft is truly a provider of custom cabinetry.

To have custom cabinetry created for your home please contact one of Superior Woodcraft’s providers of fine cabinetry.  Superior Woodcraft’s artisans will take great pride and care in handcrafting cabinetry that is uniquely yours.


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