Photos From the Field – March 2016 Update

Posted: March 3, 2016

The winter has been busy at Superior Woodcraft’s custom cabinetry shop. We haven’t been able to share many photos from the field lately.  When it’s cold outside, your bundled up and dealing with ice and snow you don’t think about taking photos.   A cup of warm coffee or tea is usually in our minds.  We did manage to snap some shots in the early part of winter and some indoor photos during the winter.  We have a variety of projects at different stages  to share with you.  One recently completed project, a project being installed and an one upcoming project.   These projects demonstrate the wide scope of commissions undertaken at Superior Woodcraft.  The photos also reveal the versatility of our designers and craftsmen.  No matter what style you desire Superior Woodcraft can create custom cabinetry that is uniquely yours.  Enjoy our photos from the field and hopefully in a few weeks you will see some photos with spring flowers blooming.  For now,  enjoy a quick field trip while we sip a warm drink and think about a warm spring breeze and spring flowers.



Custom Log Home

Custom Log Home


Log Roof Truss

Open Sky View Through Interior of Custom Log Home



Tree Trunks Inside Log Home

Live Edge Logs Inside Custom Log Home





Custom made White Painted Kitchen

Custom Cabinetry – White Paint

Custom Made White Painted Kitchen

Superior Woodcraft Custom White Kitchen




Custom Kitchen

Unique Warm Custom Made Kitchen


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