Photos From The Field – Deal, NJ 07723

Posted: May 20, 2019

We are back in Deal, NJ to check on another Superior Woodcraft installation.   We find two interesting and different custom cabinets during this field trip to this New Jersey beach town.  The first photo shows custom oak cabinetry with some bow ties and triangles.  These custom oak cabinets are simple with clean lines.  The interesting decorative elements with the bow ties and triangles are functional as well.   These elements are cut out of the wood and are used as finger pulls to open the doors and drawers.  A very simple, creative and aesthetically pleasing design.

Custom Oak Cabinetry By Superior Woodcraft

custom white oak

Superior Woodcraft Custom Oak Cabinetry

High Gloss Custom Cabinetry

The next set up of Superior Woodcraft custom cabinetry has simple clean lines, but is in stark contrast to the white oak cabinetry above.   These cabinets are painted a high gloss gray.  The gloss level is so high it is almost a mirror finish.  Check out the reflections in the photos.  You can see the reflection of person who was working in the background.  Yes, Photos From the Field are photos from active Superior Woodcraft project sites.  While this photo won’t make a great glamour shot it definitely shows the high gloss level on these cabinets.


Superior Woodcraft

High Gloss Painted Custom Cabinetry By Superior Woodcraft

We hope that you enjoyed visiting  Deal, New Jersey with us and taking a moment to view our latest project.

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