Photos From the Field – Closet

Posted: July 19, 2016

Welcome back to Cranberry, New Jersey.  We hope that you enjoyed the tour of some exquisite modern bathrooms in this older charming home.

One problem with many older homes is that they lack the closet and storage space needed for modern living.  About 100 years ago we spent about 14% of our income on clothing, 23% on housing and 43% on food.  Today, it is common to spend 4% of our income on clothing, 33% on housing and 13% on food. What is interesting is that over the last 100 years the percentage of income spent on clothing is much lower; however, we own a greater quantity of clothes today.  Today we need to dedicate more space in our homes to store our vast quantity of apparel.  So, this older home was outfitted with custom closets to update the home for modern day living.  Let’s take a quick tour of modern day closets.

Here we have a custom closet with plenty of room to hang clothes, shelves for storage and drawers as well.  Scroll through all of the closets below too see how plenty of closet space was added to this old home.  Become inspired to get organized and create your own custom closet for your home.















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