Photos From the Field – Bathrooms

Posted: July 7, 2016

On a recent sunny day with bright blue skies we found ourselves on a field trip to Cranberry, New Jersey to visit a work site in process.  The home is a beautiful old home in Cranberry that is being updated for the 21st century.  This project blends the best of old and the new and is looking stunning; so, we just could not resist sharing.

During the next few blog posts we’ll take you on a quick tour.  When the project is finished we will share much more, but for now, come along and enjoy the work in process as we approach this lovely home.


Inside we’ll start our tour by focusing on the bathrooms, which is normal after a road trip.  Here we find a modern bathroom in beautiful shades of white, gray and silver.  Down the hallway is a lot of natural sunlight.



The solid color paint on the Superior Woodcraft vanity provides an anchor point in the middle of beautiful stone work with lots of movement.  The reflection of the stone in the mirror almost makes the mirror totally disappear.


Moving right along we find another bathroom equally as beautiful with double sinks, and simple, but elegant, custom cabinetry with a beautiful floor.


In another bathroom we have to interrupt the tile setter, sorry.  Great tile work.  A beautiful blue color on the vanity with a double sink is complemented by the warm tones of the tile floor.  Ok, we’ll return this bathroom  to the tile setter so the beautiful work can be completed.  Thanks for allowing us to disturb your great work.


Finally, we come to a nice, single bowl, custom made cherry vanity.   This vanity has a custom made blue tape pull installed on one door, and a hole in the wall where a mirror would be highlights the beautiful marble top.  The herring bone tile floor is simply stunning. We apologize for being a bit cheeky over this work in process.  We simply can’t wait to see the completed project.  It will be brilliant.



Exiting the powder room I see a well organized small room with lots of cabinetry.  Oh wait, that’s not a room it is a closet!  We have to take a look at this, but we’ll have to pause until our next post.  Come back in a few days and rejoin our tour of this lovely old new again home in Cranberry, New Jersey.


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