A Sneek Preview from Our Cabinet Shop – Pecky Cypress Cabinetry

Posted: October 29, 2015

We usually don’t share photos of projects inside Superior Woodcraft’s Custom Cabinet Shop, but every now and then we find something that is unusual and  interesting; so, we just have to share it.   Today, the wood geek is coming out in this post.  Today’s post is one of those interesting projects that just needs to be shared.  When the project is completed it will become an outdoor custom kitchen.

pecky cypress 5


This outdoor kitchen was created from pecky cypress.  Pecky what? Cypress is a deciduous conifer that is from the southeastern U.S.  Bald Cypress is the state tree of Louisiana and is a familiar sight in southern swamp lands.  Older growth cypress is resistance to rot and makes it an excellent choice for outdoor kitchens.

Pecky cypress is a unique characteristic that is naturally occurs in some cypress trees.  No – pecky isn’t created by swarms of  ants or termites, a large swamp worm or other creatures.  It is caused by a fungus, Stereum taxodii, which causes a brown pocket rot known as “pecky”.  The fungus attacks the heartwood of living trees, usually from the crown  down to the roots.  The fungus lives inside the tree creating the vertical elongated pockets.  You can’t tell from that outside that a cypress is infected with the fungus.  When the cypress is harvested and processed the fungus dies leaving a void or pocket.  When the pecky cypress log is milled it creates a unique wood filled with character and interest.



From a tree infected with fungus we created unique custom cabinetry that will become a conversation piece and a functional outdoor kitchen. For the moment the cabinetry is resting patiently in Superior Woodcraft’s wood shop waiting for the next stage of this life of this wood…..



pecky cypress 3

pecky cypress 1

pecky cypress


Photo of cypress trees in swamp is courtesy of Vilseskogen on Flickr 

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