Photos From the Field: Superior Woodcraft Custom Furniture

Posted: October 23, 2015

Superior Woodcraft not only creates beautiful cabinets, but we also design and create custom furniture.

Superior Woodcraft was recently commissioned to create custom furniture and matching custom barn doors for a bedroom.  Barn doors in a bedroom – that is correct. Take a look and see the final result.

Superior Woodcraft’s client want a warmer natural feel for their living space and so they chose variegated alder.    Superior Woodcraft uses the term variegated because it is a better description of the wood’s characteristics .  Variegated – mottled, pied, streaked, motley, many-colored, partialcolored, varicolored, in plants this is usually as a result of mutation, infection or specific environmental conditions.  Others often refer to wood with similar characteristics as artistic woods, rustic wood, knotty woodor other similar names.  Whatever name you call variegated woods it is art provided by mother nature.

Some of you might not be familiar with the Alder tree.  Alders can range from a large tree that grows from 40 to 80 feet tall or a small shrub that remains under 25 inches. Over 80 different species of the alder are native to North America alone.   The red leaf alder is abundant in Oregon and is characterized by its beautiful red wood and curled leaves.

Now let’s take a tour of how Superior Woodcraft utilized varigated alder:


Entertainment Center and Art Display


Custom Made Dresser for Bedroom


Barn Doors in Bedroom Provide an Interesting Touch


Open Barn Doors Reveal a Clothes Closet

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