Small Business Saturday – Doylestown, Bucks County

Posted: November 29, 2014

There are many promoted “days” in America, but there is only one Small Business Saturday. Forget Black Friday and  Cyber Monday. Today, go out and invest in your own community by shopping at a local small business. Discover the wonderful treasures in your own backyard and make a difference in your own community.

Small Business is America. Facts about small business:

  • There are 28 million small business in the U.S.
  • Small Business Employs 57% of the American Workforce
  • 77 million people are the workforce of small business
  • Small Business creates 13x more patents than large companies
  • 60-80% of all new jobs come from small business

Your participation will create a positive impact within your community, you’ll be making an economic investment in your community. Best of all the entire family can have fun at the same time.

When you’re shopping at local businesses this weekend notice how many local businesses support their community – youth sport programs, local charities, 10k races, town parks/recreation areas and more. Without the support of these local businesses many of the amenities that you enjoy in your town wouldn’t exist.

Shop Local Independent Companies, support your community and say thanks to the local business owners for all they do.

Superior Woodcraft salutes and thanks all of its fellow local independent business owners for growing our local economies and keeping America strong.

Find local independent businesses in your area – Local Business Search

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