Photos From The Field – Philadelphia 19130

Posted: August 21, 2018

Our recent field trip took us to Philadelphia’s Art Museum Area where Superior Woodcraft recently installed a new kitchen in an older home.  Behind the handsome brick facade of this 19th Century Townhouse is one of the finest homes in the Spring Garden section of the Art Museum Area.  Beautifully restored plaster ceilings and crown moldings are complimented by original milled wood trim, doors and floors.  It is always exciting to work in an older home where a century ago craftsmen first brought this home to life.  Now, 100 years later Superior Woodcraft’s craftsmen compliment the homes original work with a updated kitchen.  While the home now has a modern day kitchen that is fit for 21st century living it still hearkens back to the home’s original era.  Come in and tour the Superior Woodcraft kitchen in one of the finest homes in Philadelphia’s Spring Garden Section.

Philadelphia 19th Century Townhouse


Light Fixtures Recall A Different Era

Integrated Appliances

Superior Woodcraft

Custom Cabinetry by Superior Woodcraft

Blue Star Range

Reclaimed Marble

Blue Star Range with Reclaimed Marble Countertop

Superior Woodcraft Sideboard

Kitchen Furniture

Sideboards Provide Great Extra Storage

Sideboard with Bonus Feature – More Counter Space

Hidden Shelf

Superior Woodcraft Sideboard with Pullout Shelves

Superior Woodcraft designed and handcrafted custom cabinetry for this 19th Century Townhouse in the Spring Garden section of the Art Museum Area in Philadelphia, Pa.  For inquiries about Superior Woodcraft custom cabinetry please contact us at 215-348-9942.

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