Photos From the Field: Modern in Monomoy

Posted: September 17, 2015

Vieth Nantucket

Photos From the Field – Nantucket, Massachusetts

Vieth Nantucket (1)

We just love the field trips to great locations.  We recently had the opportunity to visit a freshly completed project in Nantucket.  This exciting Superior Woodcraft project was completed with White Hart Interiors & Development.

Vieth Nantucket (3)

When I hear the word Nantucket I typically think of 17th and 18th century style architecture, blue-gray weathered homes with white trim and decorating with antiques.  This Nantucket home brings a different flavor to the island.  Forget about the stereo-typical Nantucket home and explore Modern In Monomoy.

Through thoughtful design, Modern in Monomoy captures the essence of Nantucket Vieth Nantucket (4)while bringing something new and unexpected.  Its all white palette with dark accents and clean lines brings modern flair to this traditional island.
Modern in Monomoy is chic, captures the essence of Nantucket and modern all at the same time.


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Come and take a tour of this wonderful Nantucket Home – Modern In Monomoy.




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