Photos From the Field – Doylestown 18901

Posted: August 12, 2018

Traditional White Kitchen

Completed project in Doylestown, 18901.  Great looking white painted kitchen with recessed doors.  Distressed rub thru finish on island, exposed brick wall and farmhouse sink provide a nice traditional look, which is perfectly fitting for historic Bucks County.  Enjoy the tour from this local field trip.

Traditional White Kitchen – Doylestown, PA

Superior Woodcraft

White Painted Traditional Kitchen with Shaker Recessed Door

Nice Use of Mixed Materials

Brick, Subway Tiles, Metal, Glass, Soap Stone, Quartz, Wood


Great Use of Mixed and Alternative Materials


Kitchen Island with Rustic Finish

Custom Finish

Kitchen Island with Rustic Finish


Kitchen Island

Rubbed Thru Custom Finish

Doylestown Kitchen

Traditional White Kitchen

Traditional White Kitchen -Alternate Finish on Island


Another great kitchen project by local Doylestown craftsmen.  A skillfully designed and well executed project.  Thanks for taking a local tour with Superior Woodcraft.  We’ll see you soon.


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