“Main Street Makes Us Better” Tour Rolls into Bucks County & Superior Woodcraft

Posted: July 9, 2015

Last week the team from Independent We Stand rolled into Superior Woodcraft in their RAM ProMaster City van.

The IWS team started the “Main Streets Make Us Better” road trip on Monday, June 29 in Detroit, where the IWS team rolled the RAM ProMaster City, (aka -the Indie Roadster) out of the Fiat Chrysler’s Detroit facility. Along the way, they visited five cities in five states in five days while they tried to eat, stay, and play local the entire way.

The purpose of the Main Street Makes Us Better Tour was to raise awareness of the importance and strong economic impacts that America’s ‘Main Streets’ – and the small businesses you’ll find on them – have on local communities and their local economies. Superior Woodcraft was lucky enough to be one of the companies visited on the Independent We Stand tour. Stay tuned to see the video they filmed while on-site here at Superior!!

Locavore Final Logo

Independent We Stand has also supported Superior Woodcraft’s Locavore~Buy Local event, which promotes buying locally made products and celebrates the success of Buck’s County’s local food producers and local businesses. Superior Woodcraft believes that when you buy from local businesses you are also investing in your own communities.

When you purchase products that are manufactured in America you are going one step further by helping America to be manufacturing independent. Manufacturing independence is important if America is to remain a secure and independent country. The understanding of the importance of a strong manufacturing base is nothing new. Alexander Hamilton, Henry Clay and Abraham Lincoln are a few of our forefathers who understood that if America was to be secure and remain a free and independent country then it needed to manufacture its own goods. The same is still true today, America needs to be manufacturing independent.

Get into the game and be a part of the Second Half for American Manufacturing

Superior Woodcraft thanks both Independent We Stand and Fiat Chrysler for supporting our Main Street Businesses that are the backbone of the American economy and the pillars of our local communities. Thanks to both IWS and Fiat Chrysler for stopping in Doylestown, Bucks County, PA for your tour. Finally, thanks for supporting manufacturing in the America.

P.S. – The Ram ProMaster City is the perfect van for navigating the city streets while still having ample space to transport your American-Made products to your clients.

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