Photos From The Field – Millstone, NJ 08510

Posted: October 29, 2018

Millstone Project Features Lighting in Custom Cabinetry.

A recent field trip took us to visit a Superior Woodcraft project site in Millstone, NJ 08510.  This is great looking and an interesting project.  This project showcases the use of lighting for both utilitarian needs and for great aesthetics. Take a tour to see some of the highlights of this project.

Stainless steel floating shelves with integrated lighting highlights subway tiles on the wall.

Superior Woodcraft

Floating Shelves with Integrated Lighting

Custom Painted Pantry with frosted glass.

Custom Cabinetry

Interior Lighting Behind Frost Doors

Pantry Door Reveals Interior Lighting and Storage

Plenty of Storage in this Pantry

Large Pantry Drawers Provide Plenty of Storage

Custom Kitchen

Large Pantry Drawers Are Great For Storage

Back Lighting Creates One Awesome Closet

LED Back Lighting

Custom Closet Features Back Lighting Panel

Be sure to follow Superior Woodcraft to see more great projects.  If you are thinking about doing a custom cabinetry project for you home be sure to give Superior Woodcraft a call at 215-348-9942.  It would be a pleasure to bring beauty, utility and harmony into your home and your life.

Site: Visual Chutzpah

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