Photos From The Field – Custom Kitchen – Deal, NJ 07723

Posted: July 26, 2018

In Part 2 of our field trip to Deal, NJ 07723 we’ll take a quick peak at one of Superior Woodcraft’s custom kitchen.  This custom kitchen features inset frame cabinetry painted white. The beautiful floor in this kitchen brings life and color to the whole room.

Custom Kitchen

Superior Woodcraft

Custom-made white painted kitchen by Superior Woodcraft

Simple Lines of Custom Curved Hood Above Wolf Range

Handcrafted by Superior Woodcraft

Inset Frame Cabinetry Painted White

Galley Sink with Two Faucets and Prep Space

Superior Woodcraft

Galley Style Sink with Prep Area and two Faucets

Integrated Appliances Create Great Final Fit and Finish

Superior Woodcraft

Integrated Appliance Create Fantastic Final Fit and Finish

What’s Next?

In part 3 of Photos From The Field – Deal, NJ we will take a look at another custom kitchen by Superior Woodcraft.  Part 1 of Photos From the Field, Deal NJ 07723 featured custom residential bars by Superior Woodcraft.  If you missed the custom bars take a quick look; they are great looking.  Stay tuned for Part 3 and enjoy the tour.

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