Bucks Locavore~Buy Local Annual Event Sparks New Business Ventures

Posted: April 20, 2017

Bucks Locavore~Buy Local Annual Event Sparks New Business Ventures

Beginning in 2010, the Bucks Locavore ~ Buy Local event has introduced thousands of people to the buy local movement.  The 8th annual event held February 23, 2017 was no different.   Bucks Locavore ~ Buy Local offers guests a unique combination of business networking while sampling the delectable products from local independent food and beverage producers. The buy local movement is essential to the success of a local, sustainable supply chain which results in a stronger local economy supporting schools, local infrastructures and public assets. What makes the three-hour locavore event so unique is that it’s a micro business incubator which proves to be not just a networking event for the attendees, but also provides a rare opportunity for the producers to connect with each other and form new alliances and even create new businesses.

Superior Woodcraft, award winning cabinet maker in Doylestown, is the annual host and sponsor of the event.  Patrick Kennedy of Superior Woodcraft created the idea of this event not only to educate the public about the importance of local businesses and their favorable impact on local communities, but to also help create real economic growth. Patrick says “when The Bucks Locavore ~ Buy Local Event was started, one of the biggest tasks was educating people about the concept.  Today, the term locavore and buying local is well understood.  Now the event has developed into a great micro business incubator where many businesses grow, foster relationships and where some businesses are even conceived.”

A fantastic example of the connections made at Bucks Locavore~ Buy Local Event is the new local food and beverage delivery service Locavore at Your Door.  Owner Shaun Froshour said the whole idea for Locavore At Your Door started a little over one year ago.  With young children at home, Shaun was frustrated one evening when he realized he was out of milk.  He wished that he lived back in the day when fresh local milk was delivered to your doorstep. Shaun wanted to feed his family healthy, fresh, local items not laced with preservatives without having to drive to several places to purchase them.  While he enjoyed visiting the various farmer’s markets, it can be a challenge with a busy family. From there the idea of Locavore at Your Door began to ferment.

In February 2016, Shaun and his wife, Jill, attended the 7th Annual Bucks Locavore~Buy Local Event at Superior Woodcraft. They came to the event to get a better handle on what goods the local market had to offer. Shaun says of the annual evening “we were completely blown away at the amazing foods that are available right here….many of which I knew nothing about.  We knew immediately that this was something we had to do.  Not just a business venture for us, but a way to introduce others to all the amazing things we have in our own backyards AND to help support those local folks who are grinding it out day after day just so they can feed their families and get their kids some piano lessons.”  A new company, Locavore At Your Door, was created.  One year later, in 2017, Locavore At Your Door participated in the Bucks Locavore ~ Buy Local evening and was able to educate the guests on this exciting and convenient new service.

Locavore At Your Door is based in Telford, Montgomery County and offers delivery to a 12-mile radius of the Telford area. There are future plans to expand into Philadelphia and Lehigh County.  Just a small list of the producers Locavore At your Door is now carrying as a direct result of the Bucks Locavore event are: Blue Moon Acres, Castle Valley Mill, Fulper Farm, Homestead Coffee, Perfect Day Coffee, Saucy Sue’s and Sweet Victory.

Patrick Kennedy believes, “It is very rewarding to see companies like, Locavore At Your Door, develop in part from our annual event. Not only was a new company created, but Locavore at Your Door will be helping other local companies expand their customer base.  At the same time, Locavore At Your Door is bringing quality products to customers who probably don’t have easy access to these local products.  The economic and social multiplier effect that Locavore At Your Door can create in our community is significant.”

Bucks Locavore~Buy Local Networking Event is held the third Thursday of February each year at Superior Woodcraft in Doylestown. Mark your calendars for 2018 and remember to support your local.


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