Before and After – Redesigning Spaces

Posted: September 25, 2015

Guest Post by Donna Hoffman of Interiors by Donna Hoffman

Client Problem After Interiors by Donna Hoffman (IDH) designed the first floor of a client’s home, her mother, who lived in the adjoining in-law suite,  made a request to have her own space redesigned.  For a beautiful and young-at-heart octogenarIDH Before Picsian, the in-law- suite just wasn’t hitting the mark, as can be clearly seen in these BEFORE pictures –

IDH Before Pics (2)







Her wish?  More comfort, more beauty, better function, more storage…and….COLOR!  Our client also wanted a mini-kitchen unit; more storage for shoes, clothing and jewelry, a work station, and a comfortable place to relax on her own or to entertain guests.

The Solution:  The IDH team, led by Donna Hoffman, began with the client’s favorite rossils2flores2colors, used in a striking palette  of red, cream and raspberry and a bold use of pattern to set the stage.

Better furniture space planning maximized the available space, now with ample seating, safer footing and high performance and beautiful cabinetry designed by Superior Woodcraft.  No rugs are used in the project in order to adhere to Design for Aging in Place parameters.  However, even without rugs, this space has it all!

The striking raspberry cabinet, also by Superior Woodcraft, actually houses a mini-fridge, a microwave, a small food storage pantry and a slide out drawer concealing the printer used with the nearby elegant desk.  rossilsdetfloresIn the main living area, classic cabinetry, deliberately kept in a soft white to help open up the space, boasts concealed shoe storage drawers and columns that open  to hold  an extensive costume jewelry collection.

Additional clothing storage along with full length mirrors are contained within each of the large side cabinets. The results are so beautiful that  we’ve heard that both daughter and son-in-law and grandchildren are said to come in for lots more hang out time!

Room Design by Donna Hoffman, Interiors by Donna Hoffman

Photography by photographer David Van Scott

Cabinetry by Superior Woodcraft

Donna Hoffman, owner of Interiors by Donna Hoffman, is a multi-award winning designer. Based in Bucks County and working all around the tri-state area, Hoffman specializes in wise luxury design that expresses a client’s unique design fingerprint, as well as design for couples.

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