251 Custom Furniture & Superior Woodcraft Create Trade Affiliation

Posted: February 20, 2018

Superior Woodcraft and 251 Custom Furniture create trade affiliation to bring custom furniture to their clients.

Superior Woodcraft Custom Cabinetmaker

Superior Woodcraft, Inc., nationally-acclaimed custom cabinetmaker, has been handcrafting custom cabinetry for over 50 years.  The company’s custom-designed, handcrafted kitchens, bathrooms, libraries, wine cellars and other specialty rooms have graced some of the finest homes in America for the past 5o years.

Superior Woodcraft’s custom cabinetry

251 Custom Furniture maker

251 CUSTOM FURNITURE is a small American furniture company, with an appreciation and respect for nature.  Our custom-made furniture is created to be enjoyed for generations to come.  251’s elegant and distinct designs capture and reveal the beauty and serenity of nature.  251’s focus on quality, customization and appreciation.  Our craftsmen are inspired by the natural beauty of rural Vermont and Pennsylvania.  Much of their work reveals and highlights the beauty of natural materials.

251 Custom Furniture Live Edge Jarrah Dining Room Table

Since Superior Woodcraft and 251 Custom Furniture share similar philosophies there are natural synergies and common goals between the two companies, which will create a strong partnership.  Now Superior Woodcraft’s clients have direct access to custom furniture that complements Superior Woodcraft’s designs and custom cabinetry.

Superior Woodcraft Custom Cabinetry and walnut live edge dining table custom-made by 251 Custom Furniture

251 Custom Furniture can be ordered directly, through Superior Woodcraft or your interior designer, architectural firm or other industry partners.

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