2016 Locavore: More Returning Producers

Posted: February 10, 2016


Our list of returning producers for the 2016 Locavore is growing. Over the past two weeks we we let you know some of the local companies returning to the 2016 Locavore. We are thrilled that so many of our past producers are returning to participate in this event!

Here are a few more that we are excited to welcome back –

Giggling Goat Dairy – Fresh goat cheese made in Bucks County, PA. All of their fresh goat cheese starts with the highest quality milk from their herd of healthy dairy goats.

Bucks County Preserves – specialty jams, jellies and pie fillings.

Hewn Spirits – handcrafted spirits from the heart of Bucks County. All of the grains are grown within 10 miles from where they mash and distill them.

Crooked Eye Brewery – Since 2014 this brewery has grown from 5 gallon extract batches to their current 7 barrel system. The members of Crooked Eye share a passion for brewing and bring different work experiences together to create a great team and a great product!

Thank you to these fellow local companies for participating and sharing your products with our local community at this event.

To meet these local companies (and many, many more!) and sample their products at the Locavore on Thursday, February 25th at Superior Woodcraft, please RSVP here. It is sure to be a night you won’t want to miss!


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