We Are All In This Together – Covid 19 Coronavirus

Posted: March 14, 2020

Covid 19 Coronavirus

It is difficult to find the right words during this unprecedented event.  This is new ground for everyone. One universal truth is  – We are all in this together.  Together, as a united community, we can work together to overcome all that will be coming in the near future.

In dealing with the Covid 19 Coronavirus  at Superior Woodcraft one of our business partners, Health Advocate , provided us with an informative video.  It is very different from the basic information that we have all been learning.  This information makes you stop, think, and put things into perspective.  Many in our Superior Woodcraft family found this information to be helpful.  We share this information with everyone and hope that it is a benefit to you.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): The Psychological Effects

Link to view video. 

We thank all of our business partners, clients and especially all of our artisans and craftsmen.  Stay well everyone.

We Are All In This Together


Covid 19 Coronavirus

The Boundaries of Covid 19


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