Superior Woodcraft Recognized by SmartCEO

Posted: May 11, 2015

Recently SuperiorWoodcraft was honored to be recognized by SmartCEO as a successful, growing business that is helping to move America forward. While Superior Woodcraft is honored by this recognition we accept it on behalf of the entire Superior Woodcraft family, which is comprised of our past and present designers, craftsman and clients. Success wouldn’t be possible without these Superior Woodcraft family members.

Superior Woodcraft also accepts the recognition on behalf of the countless family businesses across America that provide innovation, create opportunities and create the jobs that fuel our economy.

Economic Contribution of 30 Family Businesses Honored by SmartCEO

The SmartCEO Family Business Awards program honors family businesses that make up the backbone of the American economy. More than two thirds of privately held businesses in the U.S. are family-owned firms. They are driving the local and national economy and fueling job growth, but many times they are overshadowed by large public organizations. That’s why SmartCEO is honoring and celebrating the family businesses who are successful, growing and moving America forward.

Michelle Geiger Kennedy accepted this award from SmartCEO in Philadelphia in May 2015. Like many other family businesses the recognition extends beyond today’s current generation. It transcends to past generations and creates a legacy for future generations. This recognition also honors Karl and Sabine Geiger for their work in founding Superior Woodcraft and raising the next generation of leaders for the family business.

Karl Geiger grew up in war-torn Europe. In search of a better life, he immigrated to the United States. Like most immigrants, he had to learn a new language and new customs to assimilate into a different culture. But this was America – the place where, with enough initiative and hard work, all of this was possible. Karl embraced all that America had to offer and quickly began to pursue his own American dream. He was a dedicated husband and father who worked tirelessly to create a better life and future for his family. Woodworking and cabinetmaking were his art and a natural livelihood, having learned the trade as a young man in Europe.

Debbie Schaeffer with Team Superior Woodcraft

Presently, Michelle Geiger Kennedy strives to maintain her parent’s values for Superior Woodcraft and hopes to pass them on to her own
children. Additionally, it was an honor for Michelle to share and embrace the evening with fellow family business owner Debbie Schaeffer of Mrs. G’s Appliances, a third generation woman-owned retailer that was founded in 1935. Both women have worked together for many years not only helping to grow and promote their own family businesses, but promoting all local businesses as well.

Superior Woodcraft thanks all of their past and present designers, craftsmen and clients. We are grateful for the success that you helped create. We wish all family owned local business much success and thanks to all of you for helping to move America forward. Superior Woodcraft brings beauty, utility and harmony into our clients’ homes and lives.

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