Lacanche Visits Superior Woodcraft

Posted: November 8, 2019

Lacanche Visits Superior Woodcraft

Elisa Waysenson and Stephanie Brunner

Lacanche Visits Superior Woodcraft –

Today, Elisa Waysenson – Vice President of East Coast Operations for Lacanche, stopped by Superior Woodcraft for a quick visit to see the newly installed Lacanche French Range in Superior Woodcraft’s showroom.  Elisa (left) is with Stephanie Brunner, Superior Woodcraft Design Assistant (right).

Superior Woodcraft has worked with Elisa and Lacanche on a number of projects.  It is always a pleasure to work the Elisa and the Lacanche staff.  When you can partner with professionals like Elisa and Lacanche it elevates the project to another level and creates a fantastic experience for the client.

Thanks for stopping by Elisa.  We look forward to working on our next project together and your next visit to Superior Woodcraft.

If you haven’t seen a Lacanche French Range stop by Superior Woodcraft’s showroom to see this beautiful blue range and learn more about its impressive capabilities.



White Lacanche Range – Superior Woodcraft Custom Kitchen


Lacanche Visits Superior Woodcraft

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